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A Day to Remember for the Rest of My Life – Part 2

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While I was meandering about the house in the wee hours of the morning on my wedding day, bidding the home adieu, Maa had woken up. She had busied herself with the preparations already. The phone rang. Pishimoni (my father’s younger sister) was arriving in half an hour with some other women. Maa would be going with them to the nearest pond to bring water for the wedding rituals.

Event 1. This was the first of the many events of the day. It’s called Jol Nimontron/Ganga Pujo (inviting the water god to the wedding). It’s funny how every wedding ritual has a name. It’s like an event full of events!

In the meantime, Baba had come down to sit at his favourite table with the phone in his hand and an anxious expression on his face – calling people, confirming timings, silently making peace with my imminent departure. Baba is a man of few words. And I was always his little princess – I still am. When I was little, I used to climb atop his shoulders and he used to walk the length of the balcony of our old home, with me shouting, “Doi chai, doi?” (Anyone wants curd?) Where have the days gone?

Years have passed too quickly. Time has taken us through many ups and downs to arrive at this day. And I had to get ready. I had chosen to wear a red sari for the morning events. It’s a traditional taant (woven with cotton thread, wore like a drape with folds here and there).

Red Taant

Event 2. Bed-making, sari draping and a quick chat with Adrish later, I was seated on the drawing room floor. Maa and others were back with the water. It was time for Dodhi Mongol (a ritual to feed the bride with a sweet dish made of yogurt, sugar, sweets, rice flakes etc.). That would be my only food for the entire day until the wedding ends. Married women of the house stood around me in a circle, blessed me one by one and fed me a spoonful of the dish each. It was indeed a sweet moment.


By this time, the sun was up. And it was time to leave for the wedding venue.

I went to the balcony and breathed in the morning air. I had a long and exciting day ahead.

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