A day to rememeber for the rest of my life - Part 6
Wedding Diary

A Day to Remember for the Rest of My Life – Part 6

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While sitting on the dais and looking at our guests, I had somehow managed to zone out to my quiet place. It’s like my own little world where I can watch my surroundings from, quietly. No chaos can disturb me. It always calms me down. I needed it at that time.

I saw Maa looking at me, smilingly. After a few hours, I wouldn’t be able to look and smile at her whenever I wanted to. What affects a girl the most about her wedding is leaving home. The ache subsides with time, but it never goes away. When I visit home now, it feels heavenly to soak in the warmth, the memories and the love. But I leave with a heavy heart. Every time. What works for me in these moments is occupying my mind with other things. Thinking about leaving makes it worse. But the thought of my new family waiting for me lifts my spirits and I can’t wait to reach home. The human mind is exceptional. It can somehow stretch and stretch some more to accommodate all that you are feeling inside.

Maa Baba

So, there I was, looking at Maa and Baba as much as I could. They looked so happy. But I knew they were feeling the ache too. I could see it in their eyes.

I was pulled from my reverie by a sudden gathering near the door. The groom and his family (popularly known as Bor Jatri) had arrived. Tathagata would be sitting downstairs until it’s time. He had arrived in a separate car with Ribhu, who was the Neet Bor for the wedding. Neet Bor is usually around 8-12 year old, dressed from head to toe as a groom and sits quietly beside the groom.

Neet Bor

Event 5Jamai Boron – welcoming the groom. Maa welcomed Tathagata with a Baran Dala (a tray containing auspicious ingredients), sweet and a wide smile. Conch shells were blown and accompanied by ululation.

Jamai Boron

Event 6Aashirbaad – blessing the to-be-wed-duo before the wedding – bride by the groom’s family and groom by the bride’s. Some families do this a few weeks or even months before the wedding. But we decided to make the wedding day more eventful. Make way for more gifts, introductions and sweets!


Aashirbaad 2

Aashirbaad 3

Aashirbaad 4

Aashirbaad 5

Aashirbaad 6

Aashirbaad 7

Now it was time to meet the family. I was introduced to relatives, friends, cousins and the fun stories they had brought with them. It made me happy knowing that I was becoming a part of such a close-knit family. It’s rare to find people as good, principled, joyous and warm as them. And our wedding had brought all of them together. It was such a merry gathering. And what happens when you meet people you instantly like? More laughter, jokes, stories and photographs ensue! See for yourself.

Bor Jatri

Bor Jatri 2


Bor Jatri 3

Bor Jatri 5

Bor Jatri 5

Bor Jatri 6

Bor Jatri 7


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All photos in this blog have been taken by Srejon Imagery.

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