• Interview with Jerry Godinho

    INTERVIEW: Collaboration with a Lifestyle Blogger | Women Empowerment

    Erratic Rantings started off with a question, “What will I write about?“. Pat came the answer from TG – “Anything you want“. And the rest is history! Slowly Erratic Rantings grew into a full-fledged lifestyle blog. It became an outlet for my emotions where I could write about anything I wanted. It became my comfort zone. And in the process, it started to gather a handful of readers like you who began to follow it. So what started as a memory bank has now become a responsibility towards you. While I continue to blog for myself today, I also do it for my readers and maybe help those out who are…

  • Quotes that have changed my life
    Collaboration,  Little Finds,  Well Being

    30 Quotes That Changed My Life

    I have a habit of writing down good quotes. I used to have a diary for them and now they’ve all been transferred to a Google Doc which I access from my phone. So every time I come across a sentence that resonates and touches a chord with me, I quickly try to memorize it and write it down as soon as I get the chance. The thing is I never know where I would pick out a quote from – it could be from a song, a book, a prayer, a movie or even a conversation – which is why I’m always on the lookout. Now why the habit?…

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