Tajpur & Mandarmoni - Travelling With Friends

Tajpur & Mandarmoni – Travelling With Friends

Tathagata and I have been living out of suitcases since we got married. We’ve been lucky enough to travel to more destinations than I have fingers in one hand in our almost 2 years of marriage. This video is of the last place we travelled to – Tajpur and Mandarmoni, both beach towns situated along the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal. We travelled with friends this time and it made all the difference in the world! Take a look.

Thank you Arghya, Payel, Pritam and Indrani for making this trip a huge success. You are amazing!


I love lazy mornings, tea, the smell of old books and oxblood staircases. I can eat red velvet cake (with cream cheese frosting) all day. Over time, I’ve realized that there’s more to Red Velvet than just cake.


  • Koustuv Kundu

    Tajpur…… probably the best place in Bengal to hangout with our closest buddies.

    The clean sea beach, the sound of waves, sea foods and……a lot of things to spend some cool time.

    Reminds me of my Tajpur trip with my friends a few years back. We were almost ready, to settle there 😄, even pledged ourselves to be there every year no matter wherever we are.

    Well, things got changed and our Tajpur trip never happened again.

    Really liked the video, the resort looks nice, Arghya da playing guitar and my favourite sea waves…

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