Tathagata and I started Red Velvet to share our stories with the world. We have built a lot of memories in our journey through life and it’s time we let you in on them too. As you meander through our blog, you would find exceptional life experiences, snippets of lessons learnt, details of some exciting places we’ve been to and a lot more.

Red Velvet is a lifestyle blog and is quickly turning into a memory bank. My intention with the blog is to not just document my experiences but also let it be the voice of my friends and family. So, if you’ve got a story to share, you’re welcome to contact us and we’d love to feature you in our blog. Two conditions: you’ve got to be honest and you’ve got be kind. That’s it!

We are open to collaborations. If you’ve got an idea in mind, Email me at: ronitakundu90@gmail.com

Happy reading!



TG: Tathagata is the reason behind this blog. Between his busy schedule, he likes to laugh with me at silly things. He is a kind-hearted troubleshooter with a smile that lights up the entire street. Among the many hats he wears, he is a passionate Arsenal follower. You should see him during a match!



Ronita: I love lazy afternoons, sunsets, tea, the smell of old books and oxblood staircases. I’m a bit of an old soul discovering life and adding more elements to my identity as I go.

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